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Hardy Orchids For The Garden

Posted by admin on December - 14 - 2012

Due to the work undertaken at several of the major European botanic gardens to understand the seed physiology and germination of native orchids, particularly the very rare lady slipper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus) hardy orchids are becoming available to the gardener.  The germination techniques that have been developed are being used in commercial labs and now many hardy orchids are  germinated in large number and grown on in specialist nurseries.

The spotted and marsh orchids (Dactylohiza and Orchis) are now widely available and can be easily grown in semi shaded borders or grass, forming clumps in good time. Other easy orchids include Epipactis or some Ladies tresses orchids (Spiranthus).  More challenging plants include the native butterfly orchids (Plantanthera),. bee orchids (Ophrys sp) and  lady slipper (Cypidedium) these can be grown in the garden, if well drained and protected from slugs and snails. Exotic Orchids from Japan and China such as Calanthe  are also growable given care and winter protection of a cloche. Hardy orchid growing is a great hobby and can be very rewarding.